Lou Lawyers


Hear it from Our Clients

"...Stephen has proven to be a legal advisor that can balance our legal needs with pragmatic business objectives in mind.  I have found him to be an outstanding resource for our company...”                                                                                                                - George M Lee, CEO, Peak AI Solutions

"It has been an impressive experience working with Stephen and I will definitely recommend him to any friend of mine. Stephen is warm-hearted person with extensive knowledge in his field. He treats every case as his own case and is very detailed about everything. Stephen provided very good suggestion for my case which made my application a very successful one."                                                                                         - Robert X., CEO, Oil & Gas equipment company

“...Stephen has an unique set of wisdom and legal knowledge to help us navigate through several complex cross-ocean opportunities...”                                                                                                                                                                                                               - Deborah R Jones, Managing Partner, GM Investment