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Client Profile No. 1

John and Carrie met in college and both enjoyed living in the city. When they were expecting their first child, they decided it was time to move to the safer suburbs. John and Carrie were able to save up and with some help from their parents buy a nice starter home. They are expecting their second baby and will arrive just in time to have the nursery room ready.

John’s parents live in the East Coast, while Carrie’s mom lives by herself in a small town in the south. The last time John and Carrie saw their parents was at their wedding. With 2 young children and no immediate family in the area John and Carrie worry that if something were to happen to them, who would take care of property and more importantly, raise the kids.

They know they need to “get a trust” and put some guardian instructions in place. They know they can find a lawyer, and heard they can get a trust off the internet. On one hand they don’t think their situation and assets are complicated or large enough to warrant a lawyer; yet at the same time, they don’t necessarily trust an online legal website to generate a trust that will handle their most important matters.

Lawyer Insight

John and Carrie like so many other young families are at a crucial period of their life to really take seriously about caring for and thinking about their children and how they will be cared for. There is a very simple solution to create a simple living trust that will spell out exactly how they wish to leave their assets and how and when they will receive it and who and how their minor children will be cared for.

Client Profile No. 2

Ning Ning and her husband own a successful business in China, and are looking into taking their products into the US market. They have a daughter who’s currently enrolled at an international school in China. Ning Ning studied in the US previously, and has always wanted their only daughter to also receive an education in America. They came to Lou Lawyers to ask about their options in terms of sending their daughter to a US school while expanding their business in the US.

Lawyer Insight

We understand that Ning Ning and her husband are running a successful business in China with opportunities to expand their market in the US. Since they have knowledge of the US market and may already have existing US clients, it would be an ideal opportunity to formally establish US operations through the formation of a US subsidiary company.

As a subsidiary of the China company Ning Ning or her husband as the executive(s) of the company would be entitled to qualify for a temporary work visa to establish the company and run the company. After one year of operations, they would be entitled to apply for permanent residency (green card) status (given that the US subsidiary has been running successfully). Not only Lou Lawyers is able to help set up the company as their immigration counsel, we are also able to serve and advise on day-to-day legal issues of running the company.

Client profile no. 3

Mr. and Mrs. Futsio are co-owners of a pizzeria that is best known for their deep dish Chicago pizza on the west coast. They have been in the food and beverage business for over 30 years and just opened their 9th pizzeria in the bay area. They are still thinking about opening more, and would like to pass down the business for their children to manage one day. However, with great success happening so fast there came a overwhelming sense that they need to be able to draw out a long-term plan, somehow.

They deal with a high employee turnover rate; they are not very clear about overtime payment requirements. They wonder if it is better to rent or buy the land they have those restaurants on. Should they be sued with a slip-and-fall case at one of their locations, will they lose their house and life-savings?

Lawyer Insight

One of the major concerns for the food and beverage industry often centers around labor and employment matters. Are employees classified under the correct exempt/non-exempt designation; are they getting the right amount of break times; what is allowed of them during breaks. Much of the issues can be resolved by having Employee Manual that sets out the clear rights and obligations and expectations of the employee and employer.

Lou Lawyers would review the current manual or if no manual, help draft one. As to expansion, we would listen to the Futsios’ long term goals and what they wish to see for their business. Do they want to expand to hundreds of restaurants nationwide and franchise the business? Do they want to have full control and are happy with the number of restaurants as well as keep it in the family? Perhaps they want to sell the business once they have #10, and go and enjoy life on the beach. Depending on their long-term and short-term goals, Lou Lawyers can help advise what practical steps they can take are to realize their dreams.